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Multi-subject event-related fMRI - Repetition priming

This dataset contains 12 contrast images (of the contrast faces versus baseline) from the study

Henson, R.N.A, Shallice, T., Gorno-Tempini, M.-L. & Dolan, R.J (2002). Face repetition effects in implicit and explicit memory tests as measured by fMRI. Cerebral Cortex, 12, 178-186.

Download the archive rfx.tar.gz and extract the contents to a new directory. The archive contains the contrast images con_0006.img to con_0017.img, a plot of the first-level design matrix and group fixed-effects results (ffx_mip.jpg), and a README file. You can also download just the README file.

Following the instructions in the README file will allow you to do a (parametric) random effects analysis. See eg. HBM_RFX_Abstract.pdf. See also Notes on Random Effects Analysis.

We also show you how to do a nonparametric random effects analysis. You can check the results of your analysis by downloading the archive spm99_rfx.tar.gz for the parametric approach (SPM) and snpm_rfx.tar.gz for the nonparametric approach (SnPM). There is also an archive of results for a nonparametric analysis using the `variance-smoothing' option snpm_rfx_vsm.tar.gz

Contact Will Penny/Rik Henson/Tom Nichols for more details