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Brain Meetings - 2018-2019

3.15pm: 4th Floor Seminar Room

(After every talk there will be tea and cake in the conservatory)

14 DEC 2018:

Prof. Lars Muckli
(University of Glasgow)
Visual Predictions in different layers of visual cortex

11 JAN 2019:

Prof. Heleen Slagter
(University of Amsterdam )
Top-down vs. bottom-up? Effects of prediction and attention on sensory processing and perception

18 JAN 2019:

Prof. Todd Hare
(University of Zurich)
Dissociable mechanisms govern when and how strongly reward attributed affect decisions

25 JAN 2019:

Prof. Howard Bowman
(University of Birmingham)
The curse of the file drawer and disproportionate claims for proportional recovery from stroke

01 FEB 2019:

Prof. Xavier Golay
Of Mice and Men: Bittersweet Tales of Translation (The case of MR imaging of Glucose)

08 FEB 2019:

Dr. Evgeniya Kirilina
(Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig)
Iron Mapping in the Human Brain: Towards Sensitive and Specific MRI Biomarkers

15 FEB 2019:

Talfan Evans
Online and offline spatial inference by place and grid cells

22 FEB 2019:

Dr. Tobias Hauser
Towards a developmental computational psychiatry

01 MAR 2019:

Thomas Parr
Active vision, oculomotion, and computational pathology

08 MAR 2019:

Dr. Harith Akram
Towards Connectomic Functional Neurosurgery

15 MAR 2019:

Dr. Marion Rouault
Metacognitive signals for learning and decision-making

22 MAR 2019:

Prof. Stephanie Jones
(Brown University)
Human Neocortical Neurosolver: A Neural Modeling Tool to Link Mechanism to Meaning of EEG/MEG Signals

29 MAR 2019:

Dr. Rani Moran
Broadening the Scope of Model-Based Functions and System Interactions in Dual System RL: Self-Reflective Planning and Retrospective Inference.

05 APR 2019:

Dr. Yael Balbastre
Generative modelling of medical images

12 APR 2019:


19 APR 2019:


26 APR 2019:

Mikael Brudfors
Analysing hospital brain scans

03 MAY 2019:

Dr. Alex Billig
Distinct spectral profiles of primary and non-primary auditory cortical activity

10 MAY 2019:

Yunzhe Liu
Neural replay in learning and inference

17 MAY 2019:

Prof. Simona Ghetti
(University of California, Davis)
Remembering in Early Childhood

24 MAY 2019:


31 MAY 2019:

Dr. Emma Holmes
Cognitive influences on speech intelligibility in people with normal and impaired hearing

14 JUN 2019:


21 JUN 2019:

Dr. James Bisby
Opposing effects of negative emotion on amygdalar- and hippocampal-dependent memory and its relationship with intrusive memories

28 JUN 2019:

Dr. Jakub Limanowski
Body representation as ‘self-modelling’ in the brain

05 JUL 2019:

Dr. Ian Clark
Scenes, memory and the hippocampus: the MEMO experiment

12 JUL 2019:


19 JUL 2019:

Dr. Sharon Geva
A penny for your thoughts: Inner speech across the lifespan