Methods for Dummies 2005

This is the provisional timetable for MFD, starting on Nov 17th (2004 !). We will meet from 12.30-1.30 in the 4th Floor Seminar room at 12 Queen Square. It is very likely that some of the talks will run over the 1 hr slot, so the dates for the later talks will slip back.

Remember, the aim is to make these topics understandable to people like yourselves, who may know very little about statistics, imaging or SPM. You're not trying to teach experts.

When you are planning you talk, please bear in mind that we've had lots of requests for practical examples. So, if you can please try point out which buttons in SPM relate to the things you are talking about! For some of the topics it would be great to include worked examples, either PET or fMRI, to illustrate what you are describing.

Good Luck!

Julia Hocking

Topic Proposed Date
Linear Algebra & Matrices Mikkel Wallentin 17th November Matrix_talk.ppt
F & T tests Tobias Overath/Matthew Whalley 24th November Ft-tests.ppt
Correlation & Regression Davina Bristow/Angela Quayle 1st December Corr-and-Regress.ppt
GLM Dean Mobbs/Elliot Freeman 8th December GLM_fMRI.ppt
Bayes for Beginners Marta Garrido/Velia Cardin 15th December bayes_final.ppt
Overview of what comes next Julia Hocking 12th January overview.ppt
Overview of SPM2, from buttons to code Domenica Bueti/Eamonn Walsh 19th January buttons1.ppt
Study design & efficency Margarita Sarri/Hugo Spiers 26th January efficiency.ppt
What are we measuring in fMRI & PET? Jack Kelly/Caroline Catmur 9th February measuring.ppt
Preprocessing Suparna Choudhury/Pierre Krolak-Salmon TBA
Spatial smoothing & multiple comparisons Sven Bestmann/Neil Harrison 23rd February smoothing.ppt
Contrasts & Inference Beatriz Calvo/Joy Geng 2nd March con_and_inf.ppt
Contrasts & Basis functions Martha Turner/Iroise Dumontheil 9th March contrasts.ppt
Intro to connectivity Petra Vetter/Marcus Gray 23rd March connectivity_intro.ppt
DCM theory Burkhard Pleger/Richard Sylvester 30th March DCM_theory_1.ppt DCM_theory_2.ppt
DCM practice Manolo Carreiras/Helmut Laufs 6th April DCM_practice.ppt
Covariance, autocorrelation & non-sphericity Bahador Bahrami/Su Watkins 20th April nonsphericity.ppt
VBM Henrik Ehrsson/Benedetto De Martino 27th April
Linear Hierarchical Models Corinne Jola/Georgia Silani 4th May hier1.ppt hier2.ppt
Preprocessing Suparna Choudhury/Pierre Krolak-Salmon 11th May
SPM meets SPSS Dharsh Kumaran/Serge Pinto 18th May
Batch, short cuts & trouble shooting Klaas Stephan 25th May