Advanced Event-related fMRI - Repetition priming - SPM2


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  • This archive contains the raw fMRI data and, importantly, a batch file (batch.m) for batching the spatial processing and statistical analyses.
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    Repetition priming for famous and nonfamous faces

    Created R. Henson, 8/7/00, WDCN & ICN, UCL (Adapted for SPM2, May 2003)

    One subject's data from Henson, R.N.A., Shallice, T., Gorno-Tempini, M.-L. and Dolan, R.J. (2002) Face repetition effects in implicit and explicit memory tests as measured by fMRI. Cerebral Cortex, 12, 178-186. - FOR TEACHING PURPOSES ONLY - PLEASE DO NOT CITE WITHOUT PERMISSION

    2x2 factorial event-related fMRI

    One session (one subject)

    (Famous vs. Nonfamous) x (1st vs 2nd presentation) of faces against baseline of chequerboard

    2 presentations of 26 Famous and 26 Nonfamous Greyscale photographs, for 0.5s, randomly intermixed, for fame judgment task (one of two right finger key presses).

    Parameteric factor "lag" = number of faces intervening between repetition of a specific face + 1

    Minimal SOA=4.5s, with probability 2/3 (ie 1/3 null events)

    Continuous EPI (TE=40ms,TR=2s) 24 descending slices (64x64 3x3mm2), 3mm thick, 1.5mm gap