Seminars are 13.00-14.00 in the 4th Floor Seminar Room at 12 Queen Square, unless stated otherwise.

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Programme - Autumn 2012
Topics Date Presenters Expert(s)
MfD Intro & Overview 24/10/2012 Giles Story & Mona Garvert

Basis of the BOLD signal 31/10/2012 Lila Krishna & Lucia Magis Weinberg
Antoine Lutti
Preprocessing: realigning and unwarping 07/11/2012 Rashmi Gupta & Luke Palmer
Guillaume Flandin
Preprocessing: coregistration and spatial normalization 14/11/2012 Marion Oberhuber & Giles Story
Ged Ridgway
T-tests, Anovas and Regression 21/11/2012 Archy de Berker & Juliann Purcell
Dimitris Pinotsis
General Linear Model 28/11/2012 Claude Bajada & Jane Tseng
Guillaume Flandin
1st level analysis: design matrix, contrasts and inference 05/12/2012
Nour Barca & Caroline Charpentier
Guillaume Flandin
1st level analysis: basis functions, parametric modulation and correlated regressors 12/12/2012
 Camilla Clark & Mona Garvert
Guillaume Flandin


Programme - Spring 2013
Topics Date Presenters Expert(s)
2nd level analysis: between-subject analysis 09/01/2013 Alexandra Bakou & {Available/TBC}
Ged Ridgway
Random Field Theory 16/01/2013 Ylonna Kurtzke & Philipp Schwartenbeck
Guillaume Flandin
Study design and efficiency 23/01/2013 Isobel Groat & Ioannis Sarigiannidis
Tom Fitzgerald
Issues with analysis and interpretation (e.g. double dipping, Type I/Type II errors) 30/01/2013 Madeline Grade & Suz Prejawa
Tom Fitzgerald
Basis of the M/EEG signal 06/02/2013 Eileanoir Johnson & Marija Cauchi Gareth Barnes
M/EEG: Preprocessing and experimental design 13/02/2013 Ioannis Sarigiannidis & Wen-Jing Lin Vladimir Litvak
MEG: Contrasts, inference and source localisation 20/02/2013 Chisom Anaduaka & Lila Krishna Vladimir Litvak
Bayes for Beginners 27/02/2013 Lieke de Boer & Claire Berna
Ged Ridgway
Introduction to connectivity (PPI, resting state) 06/03/2013 Dana Boebinger & Catherine Slattery
Sarah Gregory
DCM for fMRI: theory and practice 13/03/2013 Rebecca Brewer & Philipp Schwartenbeck
Peter Zeidman
DCM for ERP/ERF: theory and practice 20/03/2013 Sun Rui & Helen Pikkat Harriet Brown
Voxel-based morphometry 27/03/2013 Peter McColgan & Elin Rees
John Ashburner
Diffusion tensor imaging 03/04/2013 Kenji Yamamoto & Katherina Ohrnberger
Zoltan Nagy