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Sara Ajina works at FMRIB in Oxford and is a Clinical Fellow working towards a PhD who is jointly supervised by Holly Bridge and Geraint. She works on plasticity of the visual system following stroke.
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Elaine Anderson
Elaine is a postdoctoral fellow part-funded by Geraint's SRF who divides her time between here and Steve Dakin's laboratory at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology. She works on visual perception in schizophrenia and cortical reorganisation following retinal gene therapy
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Benjamin de Haas
Benjamin de Haas is a Wellcome Trust Four Year PhD student and after a laboratory rotation in 09/10 joined the lab for his PhD in 2010. He works on cross-modal perception, attentional load and lots of cool things.
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Jinendra Ekanayake
Jinendra Ekanayake is a Wellcome Trust-funded Clinical Research Training Fellow, working towards a PhD since 2009. In his other life he is a higher specialist trainee in neurosurgery. He works on real time fMRI of visual perception.
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Javier Elkin
Javier is funded by EPSRC and is a PhD student working on translational cognitive neuroscience
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Megumi Fukuda
Megumi is funded by a Japanese Fellowship and is a PhD student who works on real-time functional MRI of consciousness.
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Spas Getov
Spas is a neurologist and a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow studying towards a PhD. He is interested in how socially and emotionally-relevant visual information influences visual processing, and particularly, access to awareness. He is also interested in exploring the factors that determine individual differences in social evaluation.
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Sharon Gilaie-Dotan
Sharon is a postdoctoral fellow funded by a Marie-Curie Fellowship since 2009, and is interested in time perception, visual motion perception and in brain organization
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Sarah Gregory
Sarah Gregory is a postdoctoral fellow working on the TrackON-HD project, funded by a major grant to Sarah Tabrizi. Her main focus is resting-state fMRI and compensatory mechanisms in pre-manifest Huntington's Disease.
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Klaartje Heinen
Klaartje is a Wellcome Trust-funded postdoctoral fellow. She works on mechanisms of selective perception and top-down control using TMS-fMRI
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Adeel Razi
Adeel is a postdoctoral fellow working on TrackOn-HD ( project where he investigates compensatory mechanism in pre-manifest Hunting's Disease using fMRI. He has an engineering background with general focus on developing mathematical models to help characterise how brain is organized
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Kristian Sandberg
Kristian Sandberg is a collaborating postdoctoral fellow from Morten Overgaard's group at Aarhus University Hospital (Denmark) and works with us on MEG and GABA spectroscopy studies of bistable perception.
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Chen Song
Chen Song did her BSc in biomedical engineering before came to the lab for MSc and is working towards her PhD (funded by the Brain Research Trust) since 2010. Chen’s current research interest is to understand how the brain’s wiring & structure give rise to neural response properties and further to perception. 
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Maren Urner
Maren Urner is a Wellcome Trust Four Year PhD student and after a laboratory rotation in 09/10 joined the lab for her PhD in 2010. She works on perceptual learning and brain plasticity.
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Joel Winston joined the laboratory following his NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship, supported by a Wellcome Trust MB-PhD Clinician Scientist Fellowship. He works on neural mechanisms of interoception