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Andreas Aresti
Andreas Aresti was a Masters student in the laboratory in 2004/5 where he conducted his Masters project on imaging the human blind spot. He went on to graduate from Birkbeck with a 2(i) degree and has subsequently been successful in obtaining a PhD position with Marius Usher at Birkbeck from 2006.
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Bahador Bahrami was a postdoctoral fellow who divided his time between here and Aarhus supported by a British Academy Postdoctoral fellowship. In 2013 he became a Group Leader at the ICN supported by an ERC Starter Grant
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Davina Bristow
Davina Bristow was a Wellcome 4-yr PhD student, jointiy supervised by Geraint and Chris Frith between 2002-2006, graduating in December 2006. She worked on how we distinguish the perceptual consequences of our own actions from those caused by others. Davina had extensive public engagement/media experience and was a finalist in Fame Lab!
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Joseph Brooks
Joe was a post-doctoral fellow funded by a British Academy postdoctoral Fellowship until 2012.
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Shan Shan Chen
Shan Shan Chen came to work in the laboratory for the summer semester 2005 from the Masters program in Cognitive Psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich in Germany.
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David Carmel
David Carmel was a PhD student supervised jointly with Nilli Lavie. He graduated in December 2006 and worked briefly as a postdoc in the lab before moving to NYU as a postdoc. He is now a PI in Edinburgh.
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Lee Cossell
Lee Cossell was a Wellcome Trust Four Year PhD student who did a rotation in the laboratory in 2009
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Harriet Cullen
Harriet was an academic Foundation trainee who did a research project on anthropomorphism in the laboratory in 2011/12 and is now working as a paediatric NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow.
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Valentina Doria
Valentina Doria is an obstetrician who Geraint jointly supervised with David Edwards (at Imperial) during her PhD between 2007-10. She worked on functional MRI of the neonatal brain and is now an academic obstetrician in Italy.
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Julia Harris
Julia Harris was a Wellcome Trust Four Year PhD student who did a rotation in the laboratory in 2009. She's now completing her PhD in David Attwell's laboratory and we continue to tease her about this.
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John-Dylan Haynes
John-Dylan Haynes was a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory from 2001 to 2005, funded from Geraint's Senior Clinical Fellowship. He went on to a Junior Research Group Leader position at the Max-Planck Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience in Leipzig, and almost immediately left to a tenured professorial position at the Bernstein Institute for Computational Neuroscience Berlin. Hooray!
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Lauri Jalkanen
Lauri Jalkanen was a Wellcome 4-yr PhD student between 2006-2009 working on the retinotectal pathway and subcortical mechanisms underlying consciousness. He is currently (still) writing up in Switzerland (we think!).
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Ryota Kanai
Ryota Kanai was a postdoctoral fellow supported by a JSPS Fellowship 2010-2012. He is now a PI at the University of Sussex.
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Christian Kaul
Christian Kaul was a student on the MSc in Cognitive Neuropsychology at Birkbeck in 2005 when he begun working in the lab. From 2006-2009 he did a PhD funded by the Brain Research Trust in the laboratory, after a postdoc at NYU in David Heeger's laboratory he went to Australia to work for Groupon before returning to the UK where he currently works for Airbnb.
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Maro Machizawa
Maro was a PhD student who graduated in 2012 and is now a postdoctoral fellow at Boston University
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Ayse Saygin
Ayse Saygin was a postdoctoral fellow funded by a Marie-Curie award through 2008. She is now faculty at UCSD.
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Frank Scharnowski
Frank was a Marie-Curie Fellow in the laboratory between 2008-2010 and worked on real-time functional MRI. He now has a faculty position at the EPFL in Lausanne and continues to collaborate with us.
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Andreas Schindler
Andreas Schindler was an MSc student from Germany who undertook his project in the laboratory in 2009
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Sam was a postdoctoral fellow between 2008 and 2013 with an unhealthy enthusiasm for sensory illusions who investigated how variability in brain morphology relates to perception. This was so successful he became an independent PI at UCL in Feb 2013 supported by an ERC Starter Grant. Yay!
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Claire Sergent
Claire Sergent was a postdoctoral fellow funded by the Fyssen Foundation and subsequently a Marie-Curie award. She took her PhD in cognitive science with Stanislas Dehaene in Paris before coming to UCL in 2006. Her work focused on the neural mechanisms underlying conscious awareness, with a particular focus on fMRI and MEG methodologies. She is now a senior postdoc in Paris.
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Juha Silvanto
Juha Silvanto worked in the lab in 2009 as a postdoctoral fellow, doing lots of exciting TMS experiments on visual perception. He's now in Finland and continues to actively collaborate with us
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Philip Sterzer
Philipp Sterzer was a clinical postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory from 2004 to 2006, funded by a grant from the DfG. He now has a faculty position at the Charite in Berlin
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Richard Sylvester
Richard Sylvester was a clinical fellow, funded initially by the Guarantors of Brain and subsequently by a Wellcome Clinical Training Fellowship. His PhD work focused on the effects of oculomotor signals on early visual processing. He has now completed his clinical training and is a consultant neurologist at the Homerton & National Hospitals.
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Marieke Scholvinck
Marieke Scholvinck was a Wellcome 4-yr PhD student working on motion-induced blindness and resting state activity using functional MRI between 2007-2010. In Summer 2008 she spent some time working in David Leopold's laboratory at NIH. After her PhD she went to Matteo Carandini's laboratory at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology as a postdoc.
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Jason Tregellas
Jason Tregellas was a visiting postdoctoral fellow for several months in 2003. He subsequently returned to Colorado where he is now an assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.
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Anne Urai
Anne worked in the group during her MSc Brain and Mind Sciences in 2012 and she is now applying for doctoral training in cognitive neuroscience. 
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Su Watkins
Su Watkins was a clinical fellow, funded from Geraint's Senior Clinical Fellowship. She left in early 2007 for a neurology ST3 post and finally successfully was awarded her PhD in 2011 (hooray!)
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Rimona Weil
Rimona Weil was a clinical fellow, funded by an MRC Training Fellowshpi who worked in the lab from 2006-09. Her work focused on the neural mechanisms underlying perceptual completion in health and disease. She is now a neurology StR at the Royal Free Hospital and continues to work with the group.
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Victoria Wykes
Victoria Wykes was an academic F2 trainee in 2006, working in the laboratory part-time for four months to get a 'taster' of academic medicine at Queen Square. Her project on perceptual completion went extremely well and she will be taking up an ST1 neurosurgery position in London in 2007.
Junhai Xu
Junhai was a PhD student from Shandong University in China who worked in our research group (co-supervised by Karl Friston) for a year during 2012
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Nahid Zokaie
Nahid Zokaei was an undergraduate in the Psychology program who worked in the laboratory with EPS bursary support on the impact of linguistic comprehension on visual perception. She is now a PhD student in Masud Husain's group.