We always welcome potential new group members!

Postdoctoral fellows

Geraint's main Fellowship does employ funded postdoctoral fellows, but most postdocs in the lab come on funded postdoctoral fellowships. Past successes include Fellowships from the British Academy, Marie-Curie (EU FP7), JSPS and others. Please drop Geraint a line with a CV, description of research interests and potential fellowships that you might be interested in and we can discuss projects. Potential postdocs are also always very welcome to visit or approach lab members to get an idea about life in the lab!

Clinical fellows

We always welcome clinical fellows interested in studying for a PhD. Usually the easiest approach is to discuss with Geraint and write a proposal for a clinical research training fellowship with either the MRC or Wellcome Trust. This takes a little time (6-9 months) so please leave plenty of time! We've hosted clinical fellows interested in neurology and neurosurgery. At earlier stages, we also welcome intercalated BSc students or academic Foundation trainees.

PhD students

There are usually three or four graduate students in the laboratory and all generally come from funded programmes such as the UCL Neuroscience PhD programme or the Brain Research Trust PhD programme. You can find a complete list of programmes here. Note that deadlines are generally January/February for a start the following Fall. We don't presently have separate lab-based funding for PhD studentships.

Masters projects

Both Geraint and individual postdocs and clinical fellows in the laboratory regularly supervise MSc project work. It's important to be realistic about what can be achieved; generally a full fMRI project is not achievable and past Masters students have worked on behavioural projects or analysis of structural imaging data. Either approach Geraint or a lab member to discuss your ideas/interests and please leave plenty of time!


We're very sorry but in general we don't have any capacity to accommodate volunteer research assistants.