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Seminars are 13.00-14.00 in the 4th Floor Seminar Room at 12 Queen Square, unless stated otherwise.
Contact email addresses are (unless stated otherwise).

Programme  - Autumn
Topics Date Expert
Introduction/Overview 08/10/2008
Basic Statistics
Linear Algebra and Matrices 15/10/2008 Justin Chumbley
T-tests, Anovas and Regression 22/10/2008 Justin Chumbley
General Linear Model 29/10/2008 Justin Chumbley
Bayes for Beginners 05/11/2008 Jean Daunizeau
Random Field Theory 12/11/2008 Will Penny
What are we measuring?
Basis of the BOLD signal 19/11/2008 Stefan Kiebel
Basis of the M/EEG signal 26/11/2008 James Kilner
fMRI Analysis
Preprocessing: realigning and unwarping 03/12/2008 Carlton Chu
Preprocessing: coresgistration and spatial normalization 10/12/2008 Carlton Chu
Study design and efficiency 17/12/2008 Hanneke den Ouden

Programme - Spring
Topics Date Expert
fMRI analysis ctd.
1st and 2nd level analysis: design matrix, contrasts and inference 14/01/2009 Guillaume Flandin
Parametric modulation, temporal basis functions and correlated regressors 21/01/2009 Guillaume Flandin
M/EEG analysis
Preprocessing and experimental design 28/01/2009 Maria Joao
Contrasts, inference and source localisation 04/02/2009 Vladimir Litvak
Connectivity Analysis
Introduction to connectivity: PPI and SEM 11/02/2009 Andre Marreiros
DCM for fMRI: theory and practice 18/02/2009 Andre Marreiros
DCM for ERP/ERF: theory and practice 25/02/2009 Rosalyn Moran
What else can you do with (f)MRI?
VBM (presentation not available) 04/03/2009 John Ashburner
Basics of DTI (presentation not available) 11/03/2009 Zoltan Nagy
Extra time 18/03/2009
Extra time 25/03/2009