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Joel Winston MRCP PhD

I'm an MB PhD graduate from UCL. I am now a Wellcome Trust-funded clinical research associate (postdoc) at UCL. I was previously an academic clinical fellow in neurology at UCL/UCLH. My PhD was based upon research undertaken at the Wellcome Centre working with Professor Ray Dolan on functional imaging of emotion.

My primary interest was emotional aspects of face perception (see Publications), but I have also been involved with some work on the human olfactory system. I am currently interested in undertaking more clinically-oriented research. My plan is to use my Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Training Fellowship to study the neuroscience of medical symptomatology. This is work that will be done in conjunction with Professor Ray Dolan and Professor Geraint Rees at UCL, and Professor Jay Gottfried at Northwestern University, Chicago.

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