Methods for Dummies 2003


MfD will run every Wednesday 1-2pm in the FIL boardroom, with the exception of the 18th & 25th June, when many people will be away at & after HBM.

Below is a list of topics and the people who will be speaking on them. Remember that the aim is to make apparently (or actually!) complicated things easier to understand, and that your audience is your peers, not the experts. The experts are however happy to answer questions to help with the preparation of your talks. Start with Daniel and Will, and check out the Human Brain Function chapters on the web at HBF.

Various people have also indicated that it would be helpful if people highlight in their talks where there are differences between SPM99 and SPM2.

The list of topics, people and provisional dates is below. Dates can be adjusted later if issues require more coverage, or other things crop up. As before, if you feel that anything has been left out, let us know!

We look forward to seeing you there!


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