Methods for Dummies 2007

Below is the timetable for MfD 2007.  Meetings are normally held from 12.30-1.30 in the 4th Floor Seminar room at 12 Queen Square, FIL, UCL.  We have had a great response from you this year and so are able to expand the course a little to include some new topics related to SPM5 for EEG and MEG.


Lots of you have volunteered to give talks on topics that you don't know much about, which is great. If you need help or ideas on your presentation here are some suggestions. At the bottom of the page are links to the previous MfD presentations, and you could also contact previous presenters to find out what they found useful.  Look at the Human Brain  Function website,  this is the  book written to explain the methods behind SPM. Look at the SPM web pages. Ask the other people at MFD what they'd like to know about the subject. Finally, you can always ask the allocated expert (see the Schedule of Presentations, below).

Remember, the aim is to make these topics understandable to people like yourselves, who may know very little about statistics, imaging or SPM. You're not trying to teach experts. When you are planning you talk, please bear in mind that we've had lots of requests for practical examples. For some of the topics it would be great to include worked examples, either PET or fMRI, EEG or MEG, to illustrate what you are describing. For further information or to be added to the mailing list, contact Justin Chumbley or Hanneke den Ouden ( j_DOT_chumbley , h_DOT_denouden , at fil _dot_ ion _dot_ ucl _dot_ ac _dot_ uk ).

Good Luck!

Presentation Schedule


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Here is the TBR Toolbox used for transforming raw files prior to analysis in SPM5: TBR