By members and collaborators of the Functional Imaging Laboratory

Motor execution and imagery fNIRS data


This data set was collected by Agnieszka Kempny and Alex Leff in Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. Using DCM-fNIRS, we can investigate (i) how the motor imagery condition affects the directed connections from supplementary motor area (SMA) and primary motor cortex (M1), and (ii) how these interactions are associated with the regional activity in M1 and SMA during motor execution and imagery.

In the first run, the subject was instructed to squeeze and release a ball with her right hand during task blocks. In the second run, the subjected was instructed to perform kinesthetic imagery of the same hand movement, but without moving the hand. For both runs, there were 5 second blocks of tasks where the cue was presented with an auditory beep, interspersed with 25 second rest blocks.


Overview of the dataset, and step-by-step description of analysis:
SPM12: manual.pdf
Data Set:
ZIP file: fnirs.zip (49Mb)