PET single-subject motor experiment


This is a single subject's PET data from a multisubject PET-fMRI study. (see reference below). Subject used left hand to perform finger opposition task: touch thumb to index finger, to middle finger, to ring finger, to pinky, the repeat. Subject performed this this at a rate of 2 Hz, as guided by a visual cue. For baseline, there was no finger movement, but the visual cue was still present. Odd scans are activation, even scans are baseline.

Thanks to Paul Kinahan & Doug Noll for sharing this data.

This data set is used in the SnPM example.


Realigned (AIR v1), Normalised (SPM95; affine only) & smoothed (8mmFWHM) Analyze format images; left is left (neurological convention); headers ready for SPM:
1 subject, 12 scans : ./PET_motor/s8np1160em[01-12]R.{img,hdr}
Gzipped tar file: (1Mb)

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