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Brain Meeting

4:15pm: 4th Floor Seminar Room

06 MAR 2015:

No Brain Meeting

13 MAR 2015:

Rainer Goebel
(Maastricht University, The Netherlands)

Cracking mesoscopic coding principles in the human brain with ultra-high magnetic field MRI

20 MAR 2015:

Selina Wray
(Institute of Neurology, UCL)

Understanding the molecular mechanisms of dementia using patient-derived stem cells

27 MAR 2015:

Chris Summerfield
(Oxford University)

Optimal irrationality: when biased decisions maximise reward

04 APR 2015:

No Brain Meeting

10 APR 2015:

Martina Callaghan

The Structure-Proton Relationship: What can MRI tell us about brain microstructure?

17 APR 2015:

Michael Frank
(Brown University, USA)

Probing for informativeness on latent states during reinforcement learning

24 APR 2015:

No Brain Meeting

01 MAY 2015:

Miriam Klein-Flügge
(Oxford University)

The imprint of value and perceptual decision making on motor cortex dynamics

08 MAY 2015:

Mate Lengyl
(Cambridge University)


15 MAY 2015:

No Brain Meeting

22 MAY 2015:

Matteo Carandini
(Institute of Opthalmology, UCL)

Soloists and choristers in a cortical population

29 MAY 2015:

Andy Lee
(University of Toronto, Canada)

Conjunctive representations and coherency in the human medial temporal lobe: from perception to memory and decision-making

05 JUNE 2015:

James Rowe
(Cambridge University)

Selection and stopping in health and disease

12 & 19 JUNE 2015:

No Brain Meetings

26 JUNE 2015:

Kenneth Harris
(Institute of Opthalmology, UCL)


03 JULY 2015:

Bernadette van Wijk

Interacting brain rhythms in health and disease

10 JULY 2015:

Caswell Barry

The role of grid cells in navigation and memory

31 JULY 2015:

Prof. Joshua Tenenbaum
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Reverse engineering common sense in the human mind and brain