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Brain Meetings - 2018

3.15pm: 4th Floor Seminar Room

12 JAN 2018:

Kenneth Harris

High-dimensional geometry of the cortical population code revealed by 10,000-neuron recordings

26 JAN 2018:

Daniel McNamee
(University of Cambridge)

Normative control hierarchies: from action encoding to symbolic reasoning

2 FEB 2018:

Jonathan Smallwood
(University of York)

Searching for the elements of thought: understanding the role of the default mode network in human cognition.

9 FEB 2018:

Jean Daunizeau
(Institute for Brain and Spinal Cord, Paris)

Is laziness contagious?
A computational approach to attitude alignment in neurotypic and autistic individuals.

9 MAR 2018:

Richard Rosch

Multiscale modelling of abnormal brain dynamics in development

16 MAR 2018:

Steven Furber
(University of Manchester)

SpiNNaker - biologically-inspired massively-parallel computing

23 MAR 2018:

Bogdan Draganski
(University of Lausanne)

Neural plasticity - the quest for brain's green matter

13 APR 2018:

Claire Gillan
(Trinity College Dublin )

Habits, Goals and Compulsive Behaviour

20 APR 2018:

Katrin Amunts
(University of Düsseldorf )