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Brain Meeting

4:15pm: 4th Floor Seminar Room

19 SEPT 2014:

Read Montague
(Virginia Tech, UCL)

Neuroimaging in the small: Rapid dopamine measurements in human striatum during active decision-making

26 SEPT 2014:

Danko Nikolic
(Max-Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies)

Neuronal dynamics in the primary visual areas

03 OCT 2014:

Holly Bridge
(FMRIB, University of Oxford)

Investigating the organisation and plasticity of binocular vision

10 OCT 2014:

Jelena Radulovic
(Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine)

Molecular and circuit mechanisms of state-dependent fear(s)

17 OCT 2014:

No Brain Meeting

24 OCT 2014:

No Brain Meeting

31 OCT 2014:

Cassandra Sampaio Baptista
(FMRIB, University of Oxford)

Experience-dependent changes in white matter structure

07 NOV 2014:

Erie Boorman
(University of Oxford, Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging)

Neural computations central to learning and deciding what to do in an uncertain world

14 NOV 2014:

Michael Chee
(Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, Singapore)

How the sleep deprived brain fails us

21 NOV 2014:

No Brain Meeting

28 NOV 2014:

Fred Dick
(Birkbeck-UCL Centre for Neuroimaging, BUCNI)

Mapping the multiple neural paths to mastery: plasticity and constraint in the development of expert musical and language skills

05 DEC 2014:

Nathaniel Daw
(New York University)


12 DEC 2014:

Zeb Kurth-Nelson
(Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, UCL)

Resources and dynamics in model-reasoning

19 DEC 2014:

No Brain Meeting

26 DEC 2014:

No Brain Meeting

2 JAN 2015:

No Brain Meeting