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Brain Meetings - 2016

3.15pm: 4th Floor Seminar Room

15 JAN 2016:

Friedemann Pulvermueller

Prediction in communication: Brain indexes of action sequence structure

22 JAN 2016:

Mona Garvert

Learning about others and the structure of the world

29 JAN 2016:


05 FEB 2016:

David Dupret
(University of Oxford)

Editing a representation of space in the mouse hippocampus to alleviate a cocaine-place memory

12 FEB 2016:

Marty Sereno
(BUCNI/UCL Psychology & Language Sciences)

Un Cirque a Trois Pistes - (1) human cerebellum (2) maps, scenes, reading (3) new language origins

19 FEB 2016:

Thomas Fitzgerald
(Max Planck, UCL)

Active inference models of learning and decision-making

26 FEB 2016:

Lauren Atlas
(National Institutes of Health)


04 MAR 2016: 2pm (Note Time)

Andreas Hula

Truly Trust? - Motivations and Inference in a repeated Social Interaction.

11 MAR 2016:

Peter Zeidman

Constructing reality - the functional anatomy of perception, imagination and memory

18 MAR 2016:

Robb Rutledge
(Max Planck, UCL)

A computational and neural model of momentary subjective well-being