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Brain Meetings - 2017

3.15pm: 4th Floor Seminar Room

06 OCT 2017:

Professor Dick Passingham
(Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford)

'The Brain Isn't Porridge'

13 OCT 2017:

Dr. Raphael Kaplan

The role of mental maps in memory and decision making.

PLEASE NOTE: This meeting is located in ICN Basement Seminar Room (B10)

20 OCT 2017:

Dr. Dan Bang

Constructing confidence in ourselves and others

Decisions are often made in the face of uncertainty and in the absence of immediate feedback. Accompanying such decisions is a sense of confidence in having made the right choice which can be used to guide individual and social behaviour. In this talk, I will present our recent work on how a sense of confidence is constructed, how we estimate confidence in other’s choices, and how we adapt the way in which we communicate our confidence to the social context. In particular I will discuss the neural and the computational basis of these processes. In the last part of the talk, I will propose that individual biases in confidence are not merely due to limitations in how the mind processes uncertainty, but at least in part reflect different strategies for engaging with the social world.

27 OCT 2017:

Dr. Elliott Wimmer
(Max Planck Centre for Computational Psychiatry, UCL)