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Brain Meetings - 2015

3.15pm: 4th Floor Seminar Room

04 SEPT 2015:

Jack Cowan
(University of Chicago)

Modeling Cortical Dynamics with Wilson-Cowan equations

18 SEPT 2015:

Cathy Price

A Celebration of Professor Ray Dolan

25 SEPT 2015:

Heidi Johansen Berg
(University of Oxford)

High field MRI for study of adaptive brain plasticity

02 OCT 2015:

Jill O'Reilly
(University of Oxford)

Action selection beyond IPS

23 OCT 2015:

Joachim Gross
(Director of Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, University of Glasgow)

Decoding human brain oscillations

06 NOV 2015:

Sarang Dalal
(University of Konstanz)

Interactions between oscillations in the cerebral cortex and the retina

13 NOV 2015:

Semir Zeki
(UCL Dept of Cell and Developmental Biology)

Multiple task-dependent, asynchronous hierarchies in the visual brain

20 NOV 2015:

Tom Hope

Analysing the Damaged Brain: Through Application to Theory

27 NOV 2015:

Helen Barron
(University of Oxford)

Formation and use of memory: can we infer the underlying microcircuit processes in humans?

04 DEC 2015:



11 DEC 2015:

Guillaume Thierry
(Bangor University)

How neurophysiological exploration of the bilingual mind has shaped my conception of human freedom