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Brain Meetings - 2016/2017

3.15pm: 4th Floor Seminar Room

2 DECEMBER 2016:

Christian Büchel
(University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf)

How expectation can shape pain perception

9 DECEMBER 2016:

Tamar Makin
(ICN, UCL/FMRIB, University of Oxford)

The Limits of brain plasticity: Insights from Amputees

13 JANUARY 2017:

Eran Eldar

Making use of time: cortical dynamics of integrative decisions

20 JANUARY 2017:

Chris Mathys


27 JANUARY 2017:

Sofie Meyer

Are temporally resolved non-invasive recordings of human hippocampus possible with new MEG methods?

17 FEBRUARY 2017:

Laurence Hunt
(WTCN/Sobell, UCL)

A distributed, hierarchical, and recurrent framework for reward-based choice