Seminars are 12.00-13.00 in the 4th Floor Seminar Room at 12 Queen Square.

Click on the title of topics to date to see the presentation slides from last year.

These will be replaced with new slides once presented. 

Programme - Autumn 2015
Topics Date Presenters Expert(s)
MfD Intro & Overview (slides updated)
4/11/2015 Taposhri Ganguly & Isobel Weinberg

Basis of the BOLD signal (slides updated)
11/11/2015 Victoria Fleming & Mohammed Kamel Samira Kazan
T-tests, Anovas and Regression (slides updated) 18/11/2015 Anita Maakropoulou & Ludovico saint amour di chanaz Taposhri Ganguly

Preprocessing: realigning and unwarping
25/11/2015 Sujatha Krishnan-Barman & Filip Gesiarz Ged Ridgway
Preprocessing: coregistration and spatial normalization
2/12/2015 Ruth-Mary deSouza & Ziyuan Pan Ged Ridgway
1st level analysis: design matrix, contrasts, General Linear Modelling
9/12/2015 Hassan Hawsawi & Lena Holderer Guillaume Flandin
1st level analysis: basis functions, parametric modulation and correlated regressors 16/12/2015
Sam Ereira & Giulia Attard Navarro Guillaume Flandin
  Christmas Break    

Programme - Spring 2016
Topics Date Presenters Expert(s)
2nd level analysis: between-subject analysis            13/01/2016            Kelda Manser-Smith & Shera Malayeri      Ged Ridgway
Bayes for beginners            20/01/2016    Muammer Berk Mirza & Chamith Halahakoon     Peter Zeidman
Random Field Theory
Dominic Oliver & Stephanie Alley Guillaume Flandin
Study Design and Efficiency
3/2/2016 Kristina Barger & Camilla Braine Eran Eldar
Issues with Analysis & Interpretation
(e.g. double dipping, Type I/Type II errors)
10/2/2016 Daniel Yon & Micha Heilbron Eran Eldar
Basis of the M/EEG signal
17/2/2016 Sebastian Siehl & Ummi Suhaimei Gareth Barnes
M/EEG Preprocessing & Experimental Design
24/02/2016 Abeer & Vanessa Meitanis
M/EEG: Statistical analysis and source localisation
2/3/2016 Ladan Akbarian & Anne Loffler
Introduction to connectivity (PPI, resting state)
9/3/2016 Kimberley Whitehead & Wenhua Liu
DCM for fMRI: theory and practice 16/3/2016 Tianbo Xu & Sean Apap Mangion Peter Zeidman
DCM for ERP/ERF: theory and practice 23/3/2016 Shelia Kerry & Anahit Mkrtchian
Model Comparison
30/3/2016 Chamith Halahakoon & Akshay Nair
Voxel-based morphometry 6/4/2016 Jason Carpenter & Samuel Tribich
Diffusion tensor imaging
13/4/2016 Mica Clarke & Keertana
 Pupillometry 20/4/2016 Giulia Borghini & Maria Gallagher