SPM5 released 1st December 2005.

SPM5 is very old now. Consider using SPM12.


SPM5 is a major update to the SPM software, containing substantial theoretical, algorithmic, structural and interface enhancements over previous versions.

The software is available for download, but we ask you to complete a brief registration form prior to downloading. Having completed the form, you will be directed to the download location, via a keyword enabled URL.

SPM5: Updates

Although we have tried hard to produce high quality software, in a project of this size and complexity there are certainly some remaining bugs. Please assist us by reporting bugs to: <spm@fil.ion.ucl.ac.uk>. Peculiarities and feedback about the software should be raised on the SPM email discussion list. We do not have time to offer extensive support of the beta version, but we hope that user feedback can iron out most of the problems before the final release.

Bugs and fixes will be posted on the list, and described in the README.txt file at http://www.fil.ion.ucl.ac.uk/spm/download/spm5_updates, from where updated programs can be downloaded.


You need the following to run SPM5:


No backward compatibility with earlier versions of SPM is ensured, although SPM5 should be happy to read the image files. Because SPM5 writes the data as NIfTI-1 (and older SPM versions - other than SPM5b - do not support NIfTI-1), images created by SPM5 can not be properly read by SPM2 or earlier. File formats of SPM.mat etc are also different, with no compatibility among the different SPM versions.

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