Seminars are 13.00-14.00 in the 1st Floor Board Room at 12 Queen Square.

Click on the title of topics to date to see the presentation slides from last year.

These will be replaced with new slides once presented. 

Programme - Autumn 2016
Topics Date Presenters Expert(s)
MfD Intro & Overview (2017)
18/10/2017 Rachel Bedder & Benjamin Chew

T-tests, Anovas, and Regression (2017)
18/10/2017 Emilie Steinbach & Laila Blomer Sarah Gregory
Basis of the BOLD Signal (2016) 19/10/2016 Wen Wen & Jialin Yuan Samira Kazan
Preprocessing: Realigning and Unwarping (2017) 2/11/2016 Paul Zeun (Demo: Ben) John Ashburner
Preprocessing: Coregistration and Spatial Normalization
9/11/2016 Anna Carobin & Chaoyu Liu John Ashburner
1st Level Analysis: Design Matrix, Contrasts, General Linear Modelling (2016)
16/11/2016 Andrea Castegnaro Guillaume Flandin
1st Level Analysis: Basis Functions, Parametric Modulation and Correlated Regressors (2016) 23/11/2016
Kate Ledingham & Arabella Bird Guillaume Flandin
2nd Level Analysis: Between-Subject Analysis (2016) 30/11/2016 Iris Vilares & Dan Bang Guillaume Flandin
Bayes for Beginners (2016)
07/12/2016 Hrvoje Stojic & Stephanie Azzopardi Peter Zeidman
Random Field Theory (2016)
Rachel Bedder & Sam Ereira Guillaume Flandin
  Christmas Break    

Programme - Spring 2017
Topics Date Presenters Expert(s)
Study Design and Efficiency (2017)
18/01/2017 Max Rollwage & Mandy Ho Tobias Hauser
Issues with Analysis & Interpretation
(e.g. double dipping, Type I/Type II errors)
25/01/2017 Anahit Mkrtchian & Goffredina Spano Geert-Jan Will
Basis of the M/EEG signal
01/02/2017 Madeleine Payne & Slav Zhelev Sophie Meyer
M/EEG Preprocessing & Experimental Design
08/02/2017 Sanjida Chowdhury & Janneke van Leeuwen Hayriye Cagnan
M/EEG: Statistical analysis and source localisation
15/02/2017 Martin Lewis & Hrvoje Stojic Vladimir Litvak
Model Selection
22/02/2017 Mikael Brudfors & Dian Lu Michael Moutoussis
Introduction to connectivity (PPI, Resting State) (2017)
01/03/2017 Wenqianglong Li & Hassan Hawsawi Sarah Gregory
DCM for fMRI: theory and practice (2017) 08/03/2017 Laura Chatland & Tara Puspitarini Sani Peter Zeidman
Diffusion Tensor Imaging (2017) 15/03/2017 Roser Canigueral & Davide Dono Enrico Kaden
  Easter Break    
Voxel-Based Morphometry 26/04/2017 Junfei Liu & Han Seo Claudia Blaiotta
DCM for ERP/ERF: Theory and Practice
03/05/2017 Romina Sanchez Hernandez & Sae-Ryoung Lee Vladimir Litvak
10/05/2017 Yunzhe Liu Tobias Hauser