SPM Course DVD

Thanks to the course faculty and to Peter Aston at the FIL, the May 2011 SPM course in London was recorded (filming services by AVT Connect), and a DVD is available for purchase for GBP 15 including delivery. This contains higher quality versions of the videos available online.

A small number of DVDs from the 2009 recordings are also available, for those who would like the MEG/EEG material that was not recorded in 2011, and/or those who would like a copy of the SPM data-sets, which we did not have space to include on the 2011 DVD.

To purchase a DVD, please choose one of the payment options below, and send a request detailing:

To pay by credit or debit card

Please FAX your request to +44 207 813 1420, addressed to SPM Sales, c/o Peter Aston, including the above information and:

To pay by cheque

Please send your request to:

SPM Sales
c/o Peter Aston
Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging
12 Queen Square
London WC1N 3BG, UK

with a cheque for 15 pounds sterling, payable to `University College London'.

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