Seminars are 13.00-14.00 in the 4th Floor Seminar Room at 12 Queen Square.

Click on the title of topics to date to see the presentation slides from last year.

These will be replaced with new slides once presented. 

Programme - Autumn 2014
Topics Date Presenters Expert(s)
MfD Intro & Overview (slides updated)
(Thursday) 23/10/2014 Sofie Meyer & Svenja Espenhahn

Basis of the BOLD signal (slides updated)
29/10/2014 Kaitlin Wilcoxen & Walter Muruet
Samira Kazan
Preprocessing: realigning and unwarping (slides updated)
05/11/2014 Joaquin Navajas & Sarah Buck
Samira Kazan
Preprocessing: coregistration and spatial normalization (slides updated)
12/11/2014 Cassidy Fiford & Demis Kia
Gabriel Ziegler
T-tests, Anovas and Regression (slides updated) 19/11/2014 Isobel Weinberg & Alexandra Westley
Will Penny
1st level analysis: design matrix, contrasts, General Linear Modelling (slides updated)
26/11/2014 Misun Kim & Clare Palmer
Guillaume Flandin
1st level analysis: basis functions, parametric modulation and correlated regressors (slides updated) 03/12/2014
Steffen Volz & Faith Chiu
Guillaume Flandin
2nd level analysis: between-subject analysis (slides updated)
Chris Hardy & Alexander Fellows
Guillaume Flandin
Bayes for Beginners (slides updated) 17/12/2014 Graziella Quattrocchi & Louise Marshall
Will Penny

Programme - Spring 2015
Topics Date Presenters Expert(s)
Random Field Theory (slides updated)
Misun Kim & Xin You Tai
Guillaume Flandin
Study Design and Efficiency (slides updated)
14/01/2015 Cheng Chen & Evan Wright-Goff
Tom FitzGerald
Issues with Analysis & Interpretation (slides updated)
Antonia Eisenkoek & Rosemary Southwell
Tom FitzGerald
Basis of the M/EEG signal (slides updated)
28/01/2015 Clare Palmer & Brianna Beck
Gareth Barnes
M/EEG Preprocessing & Experimental Design (slides updated)
04/02/2015 Alexandra Hopkins & Jennifer Jung
Vladimir Litvak/ Bernadette Van Wijk
M/EEG: Statistical analysis and source localisation (slides updated)
11/02/2015 Faith Chiu (again! Thanks Faith!) & Mrudul Bhatt
Gareth Barnes
Introduction to connectivity (PPI, resting state) (slides updated)
18/02/2015 Katharina Ohrnberger & Lorenzo Caciagli
Sarah Gregory
DCM for fMRI: theory and practice 25/02/2015 Alexandra Mitchell & Jesse Geerts
Mohamed Seghier
DCM for ERP/ERF: theory and practice 04/03/2015 Nima Khalighinejad & Alina Matis
Dimitris Pinotsis
Model Comparison (new topic)
11/03/2015  Mrudul Bhatt
Gabriel Ziegler
Voxel-based morphometry 18/03/2015 Leanne Hockey & Aida Suarez
John Ashburner
Diffusion tensor imaging (+ extra time for cake)
25/03/2015 Patrick Kratschmer & Katrin Bogus
Peter Smittenaar