Signal Processing Course

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This lecture course was given at the Institute of Neurology, University College London in the 1999/2000 academic year. You can download all the notes in one go (178 pages) as a paper-saving version ) (two text-pages per printed page) or a normal version ). Alternatively, you can download a lecture at a time. You may wish to refer to the table of contents .

Here's a PDF version of the lecture notes

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Part I: Fundamentals

1. Statistics
2. Linear Algebra
3. Multivariate Analysis
4. Information Theory

Part II: Stationary Models

5. Fourier Methods
6. Stochastic Processes
7. Multiple Time Series
8. Subspace Methods
9. Nonlinear Methods

Part III: Nonstationary Models

10. Bayesian Methods
11. Kalman Filters
12. EM algorithms
13. Hidden Markov Models
14. Wavelets
15. Independent Component Analysis


Appendices A,B and C
Appendices D and E