Seminars are 13.00-14.00 in the 1st Floor Board Room at 12 Queen Square or on MS Teams.

Click on the title of topics to date to see the presentation slides from last year. These will be replaced with new slides once presented.

Programme - Autumn 2023
Topics Date Speakers Expert(s)
T-tests, ANOVAs, and Regression 15/11/2023 Roger Atkins & Dimitra Moraiti Joost Haarsma Slides [2022/23]
Bayes for Beginners & Model Selection 22/11/2023 Yousef Mohammadi & Pieter Barkema Michael Moutoussis Slides [2022/23]
MRI Preprocessing: Realigning and Unwarping 29/11/2023 Maria Murga John Ashburner Slides [2022/23]
MRI Preprocessing: Coregistration and Spatial Normalization 6/12/2023 Yani Qiu & Cian Xu John Ashburner Slides [2022/23]
fMRI: Basis of the BOLD Signal 13/12/2023 Delaram Sadeghzadeh & Natalie Jones Nadine Graedel Slides [2022/23]
fMRI: 1st Level Analysis: Design Matrix, Contrasts, General Linear Modelling 10/01/2024 Michela Leocadi Olivia Kowalczyk Slides [2022/23]
fMRI: 1st Level Analysis: Basis Functions, Parametric Modulation, and Correlated Regressors 17/01/2024 Giovanni Cantarella Joost Haarsma Slides [2022/23]
fMRI: 2nd Level Analysis: Between-Subject Analysis 24/01/2024 Katrina Qian Oliwia Kowalczyk Slides [2022/23]
fMRI: Random Field Theory 31/01/2024 Doobie Duh Tim Tierney Slides [2022/23]
Programme - Spring 2024
Topics Date Speakers Expert(s)
fMRI: Study Design and Efficiency 21/02/2024 Jenell Ong & Xiaochen Zhou Peter Zeidman Slides [2022/23]
M/EEG: Basis of the M/EEG Signal 28/02/2024 Keying Wang Stephanie Mellor Slides [2022/23]
M/EEG Preprocessing and Experimental Design 06/03/2024 Rohan Kandasamy Mansoureh Fahimi Slides [2022/23]
M/EEG Statistical Analysis and Source Localization 13/03/2024 Arjun Ramaswamy and Haeun Sun Robert Seymour Slides [2022/23]
Connectivity: Introduction to Connectivity (PPI, Resting State) 17/04/2024 Yuheng Zeng Vahid Malekian Slides [2022/23]
Connectivity: DCM for ERP/ERF: Theory and Practice 15/05/2024 Haeun Sun Ulrich Stoof Slides [2022/23]
Connectivity: DCM for fMRI: Theory and Practice TBA TBA Peter Zeidman Slides [2022/23]
Anatomical MRI: Voxel-Based Morphometry 22/05/2024 Abiodun Olorunda Chris Lambert Slides [2022/23]
Anatomical MRI: Diffusion Tensor Imaging 29/05/2024 Michela Leocadi Chris Lambert