Prof Dolan

Cognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders

Professor Ray Dolan FRS

The group studies emotion, decision making and their neuromodulatory control.‚Äč We use behavioural analysis and imaging methodologies, including MEG and fMRI. Through The Max Planck UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing, we apply fundamental knowledge derived from decision neuroscience to study a range of psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders, an approach encapsulated by computational psychiatry.

Researchers & Administrative Staff

  • Ilinca Angelescu
  • Nadim Atiya
  • Aislinn Bowler
  • Suzanne Buss
  • Alexandra Hopkins
  • G Elliott Wimmer
  • Hrvoje Stojic - - home page
  • Andrei Manoliu
  • Jessica McFadyen
  • Jochen Michely
  • Michael Moutoussis - - home page
  • Paul Sharp
  • Rani Moran
  • Rogier Kievit
  • Samuel Ereira
  • Pamela Reid
  • Tobias Hauser - - home page
  • Toby Wise


  • Benjamin Chew
  • Max Rollwage
  • Yunzhe Liu
  • Matilde Vaghi

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