Acosta-Cabronero, Julio Senior Research AssociatePhysics
Anderson, MarinaPA to Centre DirectorAdmin Team
Ashburner, JohnPrincipal InvestigatorComputational Anatomy
Aston, PeterHead of FacilitiesTechnical Services Team
Babastre, YaelResearch AssociatePhysics
Bang, DanResearch AssociateMetacognition
Barnes, GarethPrincipal Investigator & Head of Magnetoencephalography (MEG)MEG
Barry, DanielResearch AssociateMemory & Space
Bates, DanielMEG TechnicianTechnical Services & Imaging Support Teams
Bedder, RachelPhD StudentDecision & Emotion
Behrens, TimPrincipal InvestigatorDecision Making
Blain, BastienPost DocDecision & Emotion
Bowler, AislinnResearch AssistantCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Bowman, HowardVisiting FellowTheoretical Neurobiology
Bracher, AngelikaResearch AssistantComputational Psychiatry
Bradbury, DavidLaboratory ManagerTechnical Services & Imaging Support Teams
Bruce, RachelResearch ManagerLanguage
Brudfors, MikaelPhD StudentComputational Anatomy
Bumbury, MonicaReceptionistAdmin Team
Burgess, NeilProfessor & Director of the ICN, UCLSpace & Memory
Callaghan, MartinaPrincipal Investigator & Head of PhysicsPhysics
Chew, BenjaminPhD StudentCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Chin-Hsuan, LinResearch AssociateMEG
Clark, IanResearch AssociateMemory & Space
Corbin, NadègeResearch AssociatePhysics
Creasey, MeganSenior Research RadiographerImaging Support Team
Davis, RicIT ManagerIT Team
Deserno, LorenzResearch AssociateCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Docksey, MeganResearch AssistantLanguage
Dolan, RayPrincipal Investigator & Director, Max Planck Centre for Computational Psychiatry & Ageing, UCLCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Dubois, MagdaPhD StudentCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Ekert, JustynaPhD StudentLanguage
Eldar, EranResearch AssociateCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Ereira, SamPhD StudentCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Featherstone, EricCognitive Interface EngineerImaging Support Team
Fischer, SusanResearch CoordinatorCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Flandin, GuillaumeSenior Research Associate Methods
Fleming, StevePrincipal InvestigatorMetacognition
Freemantle, ChrisData & AV ManagerIT Team
Friston, KarlPrincipal InvestigatorTheoretical Neurobiology
Gajardo, AndreaPhD StudentLanguage
Geva, SharonResearch AssociateLanguage
Graedel, NadineResearch AssociatePhysics
Griem, JulieResearch AssistantComputational Psychiatry
Griffiths, TimPrincipal InvestigatorNeurobiology of Sound
Hahamy, AvitalResearch AssociateDecision Making
Hauser, TobiasPrincipal Investigator (Sir Henry Dale Fellow)Cognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Holmes, EmmaResearch AssociateNeurobiology of Sound
Hope, ThomasPost DocLanguage
Hopkins, AlexandraPhD StudentCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Hugill, CassandraPublic Engagement CoordinatorAdmin Team
Huys, QuentinResearch AssociateTheoretical Neurobiology
Jafarian, AmirhosseinResearch AssociateTheoretical Neurobiology
Jhala, ShivReceptionistAdmin Team
Josephs, OliverResearch AssociatePhysics
Khan, ShamimaPatient Co-ordinatorLanguage
Kievit, RogierFellowCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Kim, MisunPhD StudentMemory & Space
Kok, PeterIndependent Senior Research FellowVisual Perception
Kumar, SukhbinderSenior Research AssociateNeurobiology of Sound
Lambert, ChristianPrincipal InvestigatorTranslational Neurophysiology
Ledingham, KateResearch AssistantLanguage
Leff, AlexReader in Cognitive NeurologyNeurotherapeutics
Levy, AndrewPhD StudentTheoretical Neurobiology
Limanowski, JakubResearch AssociateTheoretical Neurobiology
Litvak, VladimirPrincipal InvestigatorTranslational Neurophysiology
Lorca Puls, DiegoPhD StudentLanguage
Liu YunzhePhD StudentCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Maddock, RachaelSystems AdministratorIT Team
Maguire, EleanorPrincipal InvestigatorMemory & Space
Mark, ShirleyResearch AssociateDecision Making
Mason, LiamResearch AssociateDecision & Emotion
McNamee, DanielResearch AssociateCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
McWilliams, AndrewResearch AssociateMetacognition
Mellor, StephaniePhD StudentMEG
Michely, JochenResearch AssociateCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Mirza, BerkPhD StudentTheoretical Neurobiology
Monk, AnnaPhD StudentMemory & Space
Montague, ReadPrincipal InvestigatorComputational Psychiatry & Social Behaviour
Moran, RaniResearch AssociateCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Moutoussis, MichaelClinical Research FellowCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Nair, AkshayPhD StudentDecision & Emotion
Negus, CliveSenior Research RadiographerImaging Support Team
Nolte, TobiasClinical Research AssociateComputational Psychiatry
Parr, ThomasPhD StudentTheoretical Neurobiology
Price, CathyPrincipal Investigator & Director WCHNLanguage
Ramkissoon, KamlynOffice ManagerAdmin Team
Rees, GeraintPrincipal Investigator & Dean of the UCL Faculty of Life SciencesAwareness
Reid, AlphonsoCognitive Interface EngineerImaging Support Team
Reilly, LiamSenior IT OfficerIT Team
Reiter, AndreaResearch AssociateCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Roberts, SophieSpeech & Language TherapistLanguage
Rollwage, MaxPhD StudentMetacognition
Rouault, MarionResearch AssociateMetacognition
Rutledge, RobbPrincipal InvestigatorDecision & Emotion
Schwartenbeck, PhilippHonorary Research AssociateTheoretical Neurobiology
Scott, MaddyPA/Office AdministratorAdmin Team
Shahar, NitzanHonorary Research AssociateCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Shimura, YukiPhD StudentCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Smith, NicolaResearch AssistantTranslational Neurophsyiology
Spanò, GoffredinaResearch AssociateMemory & Space
Stephan, Klaas EnnoPrincipal InvestigatorTranslational Neuromodeling
Stojic, HrvojeResearch AssociateCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Tebaldi, ElisaRadiographerImaging Support Team
Tierney, TimResearch AssociateMEG
Vaghi, MatildeResearch AssociateCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Vanes, LucyResearch AssociateCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
West, TimPost DocTranslational Neurophysiology
Williams, ElaineHead of Imaging SupportImaging Support Team
Wimmer, GEPost DocCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Wise, TobyResearch AssociateCognition, Emotion & Psychiatric Disorders
Woodgate, HayleyResearch AssistantLanguage
Zeidman, PeterResearch AssociateMethods
Zeki, SemirProfessor & Head of LON, UCLNeurobiology & Neuroesthetics

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