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SPM Course - fMRI & VBM

Pre-course materials

The SPM course for fMRI & VBM is suited for both beginners and advanced users. If you are relatively new to neuroimaging and SPM, you may want to review some of the materials below to make sure you are ready for the rest of the course.

Introduction to statistics for neuroimaging

Statistics form the backbone of neuroimaging analysis and how we make inferences from the data. While the course covers how statistical concepts apply to fMRI and VBM, if you are relatively new to statistics, you might want to explore the below resources to gain basic familiarity with the concepts.

Introduction to MATLAB

SPM is a collection of MATLAB functions and thus, while not necessary, basic familiarity with MATLAB can be very useful. If you’re new to MATLAB, we recommend the below tutorials.

Introduction to MRI physics

Although detailed understanding of MRI physics is not essential for conducting fMRI/VBM data analysis, basic familiarity with the concepts is important in modelling and interpreting findings. We recommend the below reading on the topic.