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Compilation of SPM MEX files

What are MEX files?

MEX files are MATLAB functions implemented in C/C++. Contrary to functions implemented in pure MATLAB, they need to be compiled in order for the MATLAB interpreter to be able to call them. Once compiled, they correspond to platform-specific files *.mex*.


Pre-compiled MEX files are provided with the SPM distribution so you shouldn’t need to compile the MEX files yourself. We still provide here platform-specific instructions to compile all the MEX files for your machine if the shipped ones were incompatible with your OS version.


Platform-specific throubleshooting is available with the links above. We list here error messages and solutions that are common across platforms.

bad image handle dimensions error

The error “bad image handle dimensions” when trying to display an image is an indication that the MEX files are not compatible with your platform and should be recompiled.